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kinnon —  February 23, 2005 — Leave a comment

A confession – I should be getting into the meat and potatoes of this blog but I’m not. Instead, I’m reading Grisham’s latest novel, The Broker. I began it earlier today and I’m more than half way through. (And no, I probably don’t read every word.) Living without TV for five years from the age of eight to thirteen turned me into an avid reader. (My father was in the Air Force and we lived in Europe.) I read to learn, to understand, to grow and often, purely for entertainment.

Grisham’s book is in the entertainment category. It’s a great yarn which I won’t finish tonight. But I will be done by tomorrow night. And I won’t let you know how it ends.

UPDATE: I stayed up and finished the book. ‘Twas an entertaining read.



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