Who is the Wizard?

kinnon —  February 21, 2005 — Leave a comment

I was turned on to the writings of Roy Williams about six years ago by a friend in Atlanta. We’d stopped in to visit Tom on our way home from Florida (Canadians drive to Florida – especially with multiple children and a minivan.) Tom asked me whether I’d read Roy’s book, The Wizard of Ads. When I shook my head, he dragged me out to his van (larger and less gas efficient than our Previa) and off we went to Borders where he bought me this. Do yourself a favour and buy these.

I made my first trip to Buda, TX last year to attend the Advanced Wordsmithing course – a fabulous one day course that had a dramatic impact on my writing. (Though you might not know it from the blog, so far.) In June, Roy came up to Stratford, Ontario to do a two day Wizard course with about 100 radio sales people and their clients. Imbi, our friend Joseph and I joined the radio throng. It was two days of great mind expansion that left us hungering for more.

In late October, Joseph, Imbi & I along with two other friends arrived in Buda for a three day Magical Worlds course – and the mind expansion continued at a more rapid pace. I’d love to explain the importance of Third Gravitating Bodies to you – but I’m afraid I can’t – you will just have to take the course.

Roy writes a Monday Morning Memo to which you should subscribe.



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