Apple Transparently “They”

kinnon —  March 27, 2005 — Leave a comment

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Mac fan (with numerous Mac and Windows computers populating our home). But Apple’s recent 1st Amendment chilling response to Think Secret‘s reporting of leaked insider info has brought a mountain of bad PR their way. Markets are conversations and in spite of Apple’s latest successes (iPod, iTunes and iMac) the impact to their image by their actions has dented their rep – and moved them out of the "us" category into the "they" category already populated by the likes of Microsoft.
Read Jennifer Rice’s comments here.

Transparency will happen to your company whether you like it or not. One obvious question to ask yourself is, how embarrassed will you be when your curtain is pulled back? If there are aspects of your business practice you’d rather customers not know, you might consider addressing them now.

Note the continuing Cluetrain riff on being transparent or be prepared for the fall out.



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