Generation C

kinnon —  March 26, 2005 — Leave a comment

C is for Content – and this generation is not age specific. The Internet has broken down the walls of content distribution. And it’s all about the story – whether text, image or moving images. My .Mac account has allowed me to host my own images and movies for a couple of years. But there’s a groundswell happening with other sites like Flickr (now part of the Yahoo family) and Ourmedia.
Even Amazon is getting into it. (Link: Jeff Jarvis)

Update: One of the sites I meant to mention in this post is iStockphoto. This site features gorgeous stock photos at reasonable prices. And the site allows you to upload photos to be sold to others. Imbi has reams of great pics from our African adventures that I hope she’ll allow me to upload. I was turned on to this Calgary based company by Guy Kawasaki.



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