Little Films & the Long Tail

kinnon —  March 28, 2005 — Leave a comment

This is a continuing riff on Generation C. The internet at it’s best is all about story telling – the kind of story telling we want to sit down and read about, or watch, or listen to. The Long Tail refers to the niche markets that exist in abundance outside of the 18-39 male demo that has visual spam firehosed at it. BMW got it (even if Chris Bangle has the oddest sense of automobile design of any living auto artist). The internet is the perfect environment for the great short film.

And with the cost of entry into the production game fast approaching zero the only limiting factor will be talent. (I spent 100,000 for a portable camera and recorder 25 years ago that can’t touch the quality of a Samsung DV recorder – and they suck, quite frankly – but you can pick one up for less than $400US – and a broadcast quality edit system cost $500,000 then – Final Cut Pro, my editor of choice weighs in at under $1000 – and you can get DV based edit systems for 15% of that).

HDV – High Definition recording to a DV sized cassette provides incredible quality that brings you to a whole new level of production quality. And the cost of entry is under 10K USD for camera and edit system. (If you shoot Dogme 95 style you won’t worry about lights and a tripod – but please do.)

All of this to say – why aren’t you telling great short stories. And I don’t mean preaching! Tell me a story I want to listen to – suck me into the simple but elegant drama of lives being lived.

I actually commissioned my 18 year old to produce a short called The Call. Based around the dramedy that occured around here a few weeks back when he was trying to get access to the phone to ask someone out for coffee. (His cell phone was dead and his brother was being long winded on the phone.) It was hysterical.

It will be shot on my old 3 Chip Sony TRV900 DV camera. We’ll use our old Steadicam JR for tracking shots. It will be cut in Final Cut Pro. And we’ll stick it up on the Net.

When can I see yours?



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