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kinnon —  March 20, 2005 — Leave a comment

Have you ever had a conversation with friends and stopped and wondered how you got to a particular discussion from where you began. I find the blogosphere like that – one link leads to another where something else catches your eye and your off on another topic altogether. Visiting some of my favorite blogs today I ended up back at Seth Godin – whom I hadn’t visited for most of the week. And Seth linked to this fellow – which lead me here. Servant Leadership again. Hmmm.

UPDATE: A buddy of mine points me to this link on Ed Brenegar’s site, that I missed in my first go round.

Individual freedom is gaining as knowledge becomes a commodity that cannot be institutionally contained. As a result, business leaders have to understand that their employees are going to see themselves as more in control of their careers than they did in the past. This is the focus of Daniel Pink’s book, Free Agent Nation that is worth a look if you want to understand where freedom on the employee front is going. He first wrote of this in FastCompany in 1997.

This should not be a threat to leaders, but it can be if they are not confident about their own knowledge and skills. They have to recognize that their effectiveness as a leader is not because of the position they are in, but rather the influence they ingender as a person of authenticity and realness. From this position, the relationship between leader and led becomes the critical distinctive in creating performance excellence.

Read the whole thing – and thanks for the link, CJ.



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