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One of the blogs I roll into every few days is Creating Passionate Users. This post really deals with the idea of surprising Brocha* to infect the reader/listener (we all listen as we read, n’est-ce pas) with the things we are passionate about:

So can you inspire curiosity? Can you seduce the user into actively wanting more, even if that user didn’t start out with their own intrinsic intellectual curiosity?

Sure. It won’t work for everyone and every topic… but think about things that you know have worked for you in the past:

1) Be passionately curious yourself
The brain is tuned to mirror the behavior of others, so if your passionate curiosity is stronger than the other person’s passive disinterest, you have a chance to "infect" the other person. It’s not just that you know what’s exciting, wonderful, fascinating about a topic–it’s that you genuinely feel it, and this is reflected in the way you talk about it, not just the actual content of your words.  Passion breaks through.

Passion breaks through – but only when we as leaders let it. It’s as if we are afraid to encourage the greatness in others.

"None, but people of strong passion are capable of rising to greatness."
– Comte de Mirabeau, (French writer, orator and statesman, 1749-1791)

*For those of who haven’t been introduced to Broca – download this jpeg here and read this.



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