A Whole New Mind

kinnon —  April 1, 2005 — Leave a comment

WholenewmindDan Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind just arrived from Amazon about an hour ago. I’m on page 61 and if I didn’t have house stuff to do, I’d be devouring it today. It furthers understanding in how the brain works – and what this means to the journey we are on in Western society.

"We’ve progressed from a society of farmers to a society of factory workers to a society of knowledge workers. And now we’re progressing yet again – to a society of creators and empathizers, of pattern recognizers and meaning makers." Page 50

If you read only one of the books I’ve recommended in the last few weeks, read this one. It adds dramatically to some of the things Imbi and I learned at Roy William’s Magical Worlds three day seminar. (Which I cannot recommend highly enough!)



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