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kinnon —  April 30, 2005 — Leave a comment

Halley Suitt has an interesting post on corporate bloggers at TomPeters that links to her full post @ Worthwhile.

The tricky part is that these great word-of-mouth fan blogs are often created without the blessing of the corporation. There’s a lack of control of brand and "message" many marketing and PR people are very unhappy about. Just ask Apple. Managing your fans can be a delicate business.

I commented on the Apple issue here.

Transparency is no longer optional – whether you’re a corporation, media darling, church leader or politician. The choice is be real or revealed.

BTW My previous post takes a rather unfair swipe @ Microsoft. Brother Scoble of the Death Star…sorry, Microsoft, is one of my favourite bloggers – especially when he uses his brother’s Mac.
Where is Apple’s equivalent?



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