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SonymavicaI was one of those idiots that just had to have a Digital Still camera – I bought one of Sony’s original cameras that recorded a 640 by 480 image to floppys (stiffies for you Brits and South Africans) – what a piece of c___ – it was cool to own… for about 10 minutes. I still come across it in our odds and sods equipment cabinet.

Our first serious Digital Camera was a Canon G2 – a four megapixel camera that has travelled the world with us. Great pics but a little lacking in the zoom department. This haunted us while on a trip in the Masa Mara a couple of summers ago when we missed some great lion shots for lack of zoom range.
About 18 months ago, I got turned on to the Panasonic Lumix FZ10 with its 12X Leica designed lens – only four megapixels but what a lens. Imbi fell in love with it – only wishing it had an infrared assist for low light focus. We’ve taken hundreds of fabulous fotos with it – and I’ve seen numerous friends join me in ownership.
Last fall Imbi added the five megapixel Lumix FX7 pocket camera to her arsenal – it’s always with her. And we’ve been evangelists for it as well.

Panasonic has just released the new 5MP Lumix FZ5. If you’re looking for a great camera with a wonderful lens, I think you’ll be very happy with this camera. Check it out here.



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