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With my company (at that time) as one of the first purchasers of Digital Betacam in Canada and our commitment to SDI, some of my clients found my early fascination with DV to be rather odd. But I was an early adopter of DV – travelling to Africa in the mid-nineties with two VX1000‘s to shoot a documentary – cut on D-Beta. We were a Beta test site for Media 100 (the sadly dieing product line – even under Optibase’s care), for both their SDI and DV solutions. The last year of Lynette Jennings Design that was cut in our facility, was shot on film, Betacam and DV. It was delivered to the notoriously picky Discovery Channel in Maryland on D-Beta. They never complained about the picture quality of the shows.

I wouldn’t qualify as an early adopter of HDV, but I am very impressed with this format. I believe that HDV will have a greater impact on HD production than DV had on Standard Definition production – and DV had a huge impact – think all the footage from the embedded journalists in Iraq alone.

This year’s NAB show promises to be a treasure trove of HDV gear. Digital Producer has a great post from Charlie White on some of JVC’s offerings. I’m already trying to figure out how to justify a GY-HD100 in the near future (which is odd considering my recent change in job status). As my English friends would say – what a great piece of kit.



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