Fascinating Clients

kinnon —  April 26, 2005 — 2 Comments

Dig Tank asks the question – who are you more interested in, your clients as potential revenue generators or your clients as people. One will have a more powerful long term impact than the other. If you haven’t already, read Never Eat Alone. It’s all about relationships! Build them.



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2 responses to Fascinating Clients

  1. Excellent post. I am a Web designer and developer (freelance) and I consider and treat my clients as partners. That is, they are equal members of an “expert” with a common objective: delivering solutions that meet their needs as well as their end uses-not mine.

    It isn’t bullshit either; I learn so much from my clients (most, let’s by real) and this is essential. I don’t burden them with the details and techniques in my area, of course. If they want to know how to update a page. then I will, for example. They didn’t hire me to learn about Web design after all. So that part isn’t “equal” I suppose. I am really referring to a mind set. I respect my clients and treat them the same way a visitor to their Web site would be treated: as a welcome guest (one who is welcome to return as many times as they please)

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks again,

  2. Michael,
    Thanks for the comments. It’s sometimes easy to forget that we are people dealing with people, rather than business people dealing with contracts. Building real and open relationships is key.


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