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Mkpldottv001I’m busy today putting up our new website. After focusing on one "client" for the better part of the last year, Imbi & I with a number of other colleagues are again working in consulting, design and production. The site will be up by the end of tomorrow. This is from our homepage:

Markets are conversations – Cluetrain Manifesto
And conversations are not monologues.

Walk down the Danforth in Toronto on a summer’s eve. Restaurants spill over sidewalks with people eating, laughing and sharing their stories. Traffic can hardly be heard over the exuberant voices and the Mediterranean music that accompanies them. Lives are being woven into the fabric of the city.

Above the street, billboards desperately attempt to join the conversation. Their messages making promises the story weavers no longer believe; visual spam to people enjoying the finest of fare. They don’t look up.

We are at a societal Tipping Point as profound as that caused by Gutenberg’s press in the 15th Century. The push communication of TV, outdoor, newspapers, magazines and most radio is rapidly losing influence. People will listen only when they are heard.

This modern day Reformation is playing out in the growth of the Internet where we Google our information, we blog our thoughts, we iShare our lives and our voices are heard…in conversation.
is a company focused on the stories in these conversations. Bringing them to life in design, programming, writing and education.

Update: The site is up in its first iteration. We will be adding QT and Windows Media files to it next week. Unfortunately, the work on it has delayed the book. I’ll get the chapter up next week.



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