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I have a friend who when ever he’s asked whether something can be done, his first response is "No." It’s as if he has a tourettes-like brain tick – because more often than not, once he’s given it some thought his real answer is either "I’ll try" or "I’ll figure out a way." Unfortunately every questionner experiences initial frustration whenever they ask my friend about something. And people often get tired of asking him anything – they NO the response.

No has to be the least productive response in any discussion. (Unless of course it’s with your kids – where to them N O means Negotiations Opened.)

No is often spelled out in longer phrases like "that won’t work here" or "the boss wouldn’t like that" or "let’s just do what we’ve always done – it’s worked before." Dig Tank has a great short post on this.

The biggest road block to breaking free from the gravity of past habits (yours AND your competitors) is to conclude that any new idea won’t work.

First exhaust a discussion on ways an audacious idea COULD work… Then toss it aside if it really can’t.

Try that for 30 minutes once a week with your team and see what ideas make it through.



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