Radio Shows for Sale

kinnon —  April 13, 2005 — Leave a comment

PSFK points to a Beeb report regarding the sale of radio shows as podcasts. iPods are becoming ubiquitous – a 20Gb and iPod Mini are in use in this house as I write this (and we love our Bose SoundDock but I digress). People are looking for content to fill them – whether they’re willing to pay for that content is another question. (The figures for iTunes sales vs iPod sales would indicate that the average iPod owner purchases via iTunes much less than 20 CDs worth of music to use on their devices – rather than loading their own CDs, borrowing their friends or P2P stealing them.) So what will be the business model – podcast ads that people will actually want to hear, niche marketed to that particular audience. My not so humble opinion.

UPDATE: And with government’s apparent inability to regulate podcasts, what nefarious products will again be marketed. I’m sure some advertisers will be willing to walk a mile into Marlboro Country to reach their target audience. (And please DON’T hear me agitating for governmental interference.)



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