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SkypeImbi’s cousin in Estonia emailed us a while back requesting we set up a Skype Account.I finally got around to it today. I used the SkypeOut service to call a couple of North American landlines – at a rate of about 2 cents a minute. The people I called told me the sound was pristine. It was a little muffled at my end, which could be the headset from Logitech – but it still sounded at least as good as a cell phone call.

I’m looking forward to getting my South African and UK friends on Skype so that we can talk for as long as we want. Skype to Skype calls are free!

UPDATE: My buddy, George and I have been on Skype for the last hour in a Skype to Skype call and the audio quality has been amazing. He’s in Pittsburgh and I’m in the Canadian Mid-West. Much better than iChatAV!

UPDATE 2: Via Skype Journal. Skype CEO’s VON Toronto presentation.



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