Vespa Vespers

kinnon —  April 22, 2005 — Leave a comment

VespaWhile wandering Austin, TX, Imbi decided the five of us should pop into the local Vespa dealer. She and I had looked at Honda’s scooters years ago but this former dirt bike rider wasn’t about to be seen on a scooter. (Possibly the impact of 1960’s memories of my older sister dating a BSA Lightning 650 rider {I remember his name was Jeff} while a Lambretta suitor {whose name I can’t remember} only made her laugh – I was an impressionable 12 yr old.) If I was going to buy a bike then,  it was going to be a "man’s bike".

But big bike’s aren’t experiencing the kind of sales they once did with Harley’s Stock Price dropping faster than anyone anticipated except for the Wizard. Boomers are beginning to shed their bigger is better mantra and are looking for things that say – great design, great economy, environmentally friendly. The Toyota Prius is a case in point. So are the new Vespas – and they have that ancient future thing going on – the kind of retro styling that is making the new Mustang a hit.

There are now Vespas that will hit 100mph (although you’d be out of your mind to try that) and they feature killer fuel economy – 45-65mpg depending on the model. While we were in the dealership a 30 something Mom bought one for her husband’s 40th birthday – and he was a former big bike rider. At a starting price of under 3K, they are available to a lot of people. Including me.



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