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Robert Scoble is spending way too much time in the hospital this week – but the brillance of his blog  still shines – the joys of an Airport, ah… sorry Robert, make that WiFi. (Monsieur Robert calls himself a Microsoft Geek Blogger – but perhaps he has the pleasure of a Powerbook in the hospital.) He shares a good example of the Long Tail at work – a woman’s passionate video of her father in a coma in the hospital.  "This is an example of Real Reality TV" – unlike the manufactured realities of the Amazing Race, Survivor, The Apprentice et al.

We are moving from the facades of the last forty years into the authenticity of the next 40. From the Idealist Me Generation to the Civic We Generation as the Wiz would have it.

Even if much of the time it feels like we are waiting…



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2 responses to Waiting

  1. Powerbook? Powerbook?

    I use a Tablet PC. What’s nice is I can read things without being stuck on a table or a lap.

  2. A tablet PC. Hmm. Is that like a Moses kind of thing? Did you come down from some WA State Mountain with it?


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