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kinnon —  April 28, 2005 — Leave a comment

WikipediaAs I’ve stated in other posts, I’m a fan of Wikipedia and access information from it regularly. Do I believe what is written to be objective truth? Not really. But the self correcting nature of Wikipedia leads me to believe that it will be closer to objective truth than what I might read about a particular topic in the MSM or from a "noted expert." (In this post-modern world, is there any such thing as objective truth?)

Wikipedia on the nature of wikis:

Wikis generally practice the philosophy of making it easy to correct mistakes, rather than making it difficult to make them. Thus while wikis are very open, they provide a means to verify the validity of recent additions to the body of pages. The most prominent, on almost every wiki, is the "Recent Changes" page – a specific list numbering recent edits, or a list of all the edits made within a given timeframe.

Steve Rubel triggered this post with his post Wikipedia’s Impact on PR. Note Wikipedia’s Wendy’s page – and the link to the apparent scam artist Anna Ayala. Now compare that to the MSM coverage and the PR damage done to Wendy’s.



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