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Everythingbad_1The book arrived in the post this morning and I took a few minutes to begin reading – I’m at page 41. I believe it’s an important book. It challenges many of my presuppositions regarding video game play. Johnson believes strongly, and backs it up with neuroscience, that video game playing and complex narrative structures in TV programs like 24 have a positive impact on our cognitive abilities. Video games require active participation and complex decision making before any kind of reward is experienced. The brain is exercised by these games.

Time magazine made this comment:

Johnson calls this principle the Sleeper Curve, for the Woody Allen movie in which future scientists discover the health benefits of junk food. Everything Bad is not junk criticism; it is a brisk, witty read, well versed in the history of literature and bolstered with research–for instance, even as electronic media have supposedly "dumbed down" society, IQs in the developed world have been increasing three points a decade for a century. Johnson, it turns out, still knows the value of reading a book. And this one is indispensable. – James Poniewozik

I look forward to finishing the book – and I would already agree with Poniewozik’s assessment – it is indispensable.

Visit Johnson’s blog here.



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