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kinnon —  May 4, 2005 — Leave a comment

The book I’m occasionally hard at work on, is tentatively called Reconnecting the Narrative. The focus is on the importance of Story – yours, mine, ours, the communities we are in, the lives we touch and even the products we sell or purchase. It’s about telling those stories effectively. The ever profane Hughtrain writing, Hugh McLeod comments:

I’m partial to the "Story" metaphor these days. But that’s just me.

"The Story" is a narrative. Narratives have movement. They are fluid. "The Brand" is a static term. I think fluid metaphors, ones that accept "Flow" as part of their nature, simply work better.

I wanted to title this post, "It’s the Story, Stupid" but that might be considered rude – and I wouldn’t want you to feel that way about me. But let me tell you this story. A while back, Imbi had an interaction with someone where she asked them for creative direction on how to tell their story. The reaction on their part was to say – don’t worry about the story, we know what it is, just do your simple creative. Ah yes, simple creative. But it is the story, stu…. Oh dear, there I go being rude again. I’ll let Hugh do the rude thing.

Read Hugh’s post here. If you tour Hugh’s site, then be prepared for some fairly jarring cartoons.

BTW: I’m up to my eyeballs in getting our house ready for floor refinishing – which begins tomorrow. We’re in the process of getting all the furniture off the main floor and removing carpet. Blogging will be sporadic. And if you’re looking for a killer 4000 square foot home in the geographical center of North America – let us know. For the moment, we’re heading back to the true center of the universe – Toronto. (VBG)



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