Long Weekend of Work

kinnon —  May 24, 2005 — Leave a comment

Well, to echo Steely Dan’s My Old School, the weekend didn’t turn out like we planned. We never made it to our place on the Lake as my sister, her husband, Imbi and I were busy helping my mother prepare for her move to a retirement home.

Saturday morning was a garage sale. A new experience for all of us. There were actually people waiting to get in at its 8am opening. After all my brother-in-law’s hard work getting it together, the esoteric nature of my late father’s "stuff" did not catch the eye of as many buyers as we’d hoped. ‘Twas still a qualified success.

Imbi and I spent the rest of the weekend moving stuff my mother was giving us to a storage unit. Eight trips later, we were done and we headed into Toronto late Sunday night to stay with good friends.

Yesterday was a true day of rest that included a visit to our favourite restaurant on the DanforthAsteria. It was good to finally be home after nine months of living in another world. A world that I must return to next week, if only for a couple of more months before we return permanently to the great city of Toronto.



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