Lucas in Search of Significance

kinnon —  May 6, 2005 — 1 Comment

LucaswiredWired’s May edition features the Star Wars King, George Lucas sharing the cover with his Darth Vader creation. The cover story is of a man who seems to regret the success he’s experienced. American Graffiti, and then Star Wars took over his life. The article asks "Can the father of the blockbuster really rediscover his avant-garde soul?" At 60, Lucas wants to get back to his post film school roots where he made THX 1138.

The article tells the story of the effect of the Canadian National Film Board on Lucas – with Canadian Directors – Norman McLaren, Claude Jutra and Arthur Lipsett impacting his understanding of film making. And now he wants to return to his early adulthood film dreams. "He claims to have a stack of ideas piling up on his desk for "highly abstract, esoteric films"."

The "Father of Digital Cinema"  wants to create films that he is proud of – to be creatively significant on his own terms. A heart cry that echos that of the 10s of thousands of boomers who achieved success – and now long for significance.



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