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kinnon —  May 6, 2005 — Leave a comment

AdobemacroI received an email from Macromedia announcing the new Adobe & Macromedia bundling. (Gee, they’re right on top of things, aren’t they – maybe they figured I’d been away from my computer for the last month.) There was a link to this video which was painful to watch. Not because of the content – which was typical management speak – but by the way it was shot.

The two execs, Adobe’s Chizen and Macromedia’s Elop are both speaking off camera – as if to an interviewer. Yet it’s obvious that they are both reading cue cards – or a prompter. Watch Elop’s eyes move down. The "interview" look is supposed to suggest a casual "newsy" environment. Make it feel real and authentic – rather than "reel". It’s not working for them. Having shot hundreds of interviews where I’m actually interviewing people, I can tell you that these are far from real. (And what’s with the lighting on Elop – it looks like he has a horn!)

If you want to see real people telling real stories about themselves and their companies – check out Sunpop – a Wizard of Ads affiliate company. I’m not enamored with the constantly moving camera (and that may just be my advanced years) but the videos are very watchable and very effective.

In fact, why don’t you watch both the Adobedia and Sunpop example and let me know what you think.



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