Northern Ontario II & Podcasts

kinnon —  May 16, 2005 — Leave a comment

Ontario is a very large province. (Texas pales in comparison to it’s size.) I remember driving back from Vancouver as a 20 year old and feeling like I was almost home when I hit the Ontario border. 20 hours later I made it to just north of Toronto.

I’m ashamed to say that it wasn’t until almost thirty years later (late last summer) that I returned to Northern Ontario. The Southern Route across the North (how’s that for confusion) is the most beautiful way to do the trip, winding around Lake Superior. The vistas are incredible. As speed was of the essence, I took the Northern Route through Hearst and Cochrane – and managed to spend too many hours in snow – IN MAY!!! The temp was around 1 degree C (or about 33 degrees F). Unreal! The Northern Route is a little longer but has fewer towns, is flatter and has many more passing opportunities.

I drove for 14 hours  – from Dryden to North Bay. My Dryden hotel had WiFi so I loaded up the iPod with podcasts – Adam Curry (considered one of the fathers of Podcasting) took me for a wander around the Downs in Guildford, UK, Inside Mac Radio entertained me with all things Mac – but TWiT (This Week in Technology) was probably my favourite.

Podcasting is radio for the Emergent generation – pull rather than push communications. I choose the voices I want to hear, when I want to hear them. I use iPodder right now to aggregate my chosen feeds – but I will probably move to iPodderX later this week.

I’m also looking at making Podcasting a part of Achievable Ends. I will probably put the first chapter of my book up as a Podcast – hopefully next week. Stay subscribed.



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