On the Road Again

kinnon —  May 19, 2005 — Leave a comment

I’m feeling a little like a vagabond – from one town to the next with the end destination being where I began – both figuratively and philosophically. This five day journey has taken me back a year in time to a place where old things need to be reconsidered and new things allowed to actually happen. It’s both a place of pain and a place where healing and growth can emerge.

I’ve been amongst good friends who love me and my family and want the best for us all. It’s a good place to be, but I’m back on the road again. May the journey unfold the way that it is meant to!

SummerlakeBlogging will be light for the next five days as I won’t have internet access at our cottage on Lake Simcoe. ‘Tis the first weekend in the annual migration of Torontonians north to their summer places. A time of sweeping, cleaning and freezing (in the lake as the docks and boat lifts are put in the water). Canadians, have a fabulous Victoria Day weekend. Americans, look forward to Memorial Day!

Update: Africans, Brits, Europeans & Australians – have a wonderful weekend as well.



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