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kinnon —  May 18, 2005 — Leave a comment

I’ve spent too much time in the last four days, strapped to the drivers seat in our Acura MDX – flying solo from Centre City Canada, through Toronto and on to Pittsburgh. This was the first time I really gave Podcasts a good listen – and by and large I liked what I heard. Yes, there is a certain level of self-indulgence in podcasting but that would be part of the point. I want to hear the personalities of the podcasters – rather than the corporate controlled speak of radio broadcasters.

Ipodder1_1Tim Bednar, TWiT (This week in Technology), PodFather Adam Curry, Leo Laporte and others informed, entertained and occasionally annoyed me (Click on the picture for a screen shot of my subscription list.). The chatter kept me awake and made the drive seem to go faster. On the five hour trip from Toronto to the ‘burgh, I listened to a total of three songs from the iPod – the rest was Podcasting.

I’ve been bitten by the podcasting bug. I majored in Radio @ Ryerson, love the sound of my own voice (there’s that self-indulgence again) and will probably begin podcasting in June. I’ll let "yins" (the Pittsburgh word for y’all) know.



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