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It’s interesting how you see your home city when you’ve been away from it for eight months. Toronto is Imbi’s city of birth and my home of choice since 1974. Our brief sojourn in Centre City Canada is coming to a close and we look forward to returning to the "Centre of the Universe" as many Torontonians call this city. (Our home in CCC sold in a couple of days and closes in mid-July. Hallelujah!)

To_fromharbour Toronto’s name comes from the Wendat (Huron) word which means the Meeting Place. And living up to its name, the UN has proclaimed it the most multicultural city in the world. (Imbi’s ethnic background is Estonian, and Toronto is considered the largest Estonian City outside of that Baltic nation.)

This brief trip home (before we move back permanently) has allowed me to see the city with fresh eyes – to fall in love again. Yesterday’s temperatures in the mid-seventies, with the city adorned with beautiful blue skies only added to it’s allure. I spent the morning on the Danforth and the late afternoon in Bloor West Village. (The Danforth and Bloor are one long street that is considered the main East/West Avenue.) What a city!



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