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kinnon —  June 15, 2005 — Leave a comment

Today’s postings have been non-existent as I pack up the library and prepare for the move back to Toronto. Between boxes I’ve attempted to get some of my thoughts out, but haven’t been satisfied with the clarity of my thoughts. Perhaps Tom Asacker‘s link to the New Scientist article Info-overload harms concentration more than marijuana is my problem.

If left unchecked, ‘infomania’ will damage a worker’s performance by reducing their mental sharpness," says Wilson. "This is a very real and widespread phenomenon." Information overload can reduce a person’s ability to focus as much as losing a night’s sleep can, he adds.

Which reminds me, I’m reading Tom’s new book, A Clear Eye for Branding. It’s a good read so far and I will post a review in the next day or so. Along with posts on "Massively Parallel Processing & the Aha" and the heretical "Does the OS really matter". That assumes the fog lifts and my concentration returns.

I’m doing an interview with Chris Falson tomorrow morning for my first podcast which will now be up next week. Chris and I are going to talk about a lot of things including his new CD which I reviewed here.



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