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BonoChris Erdman has been reading the new book, Bono, and commenting on What Preachers Must Learn from U2. Read his series of posts. This quote resonates in it’s Cluetrain/Emergent cry for the voice of authenticity.

Bono: We had a phrase to describe some of the bands of the time–not the Bunnyman or the Teardrop Explodes–but the ones you’d see walking down the King’s Road in London, so looking the part with so little to say: ‘Everything but It.’ We, on the other hand, had ‘Nothing but It.’ And that was the difference.

Erdman: We all know preachers like that. "Everything but It." They sound good. Got the right jokes. Got the right gestures. Stand in glorious performance settings. They turn on thousands. They’ve got "everything." But they don’t have "It."

"It" – defined (by me) as authenticity/truth/reality. There are those who preach to thousands who do have "It". (A good friend of mine comes to mind, in his mid-sixties, who is one of the finest story tellers you will ever hear, able to extract laughter or tears from the hardest of hearts – and yet at his very core is real and prophetic.) And then there are those who put on a mask and assume the character – deathly afraid of losing control and revealing the hollow man inside.



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