Church Websites & On-Line Donations

kinnon —  June 23, 2005 — 1 Comment

Read Tim Bednar’s post: $3 billion in online donations made in 2004: it is time to hire a professional designer for your church and non-profit web site
Too many churches view websites as a mildly necessary evil. The most influential communications network ever created is viewed by some as an annoyance – "We’ll get to it when we can get to it. Can’t we get a volunteer to do it?" Read Tim’s post and the Mike Boyink post he links to.

Actually, on 2nd thought, perhaps we shouldn’t be encouraging these churches at all. They may just need to follow their natural life cycle. (Everyone wave bye bye.)

Hat tip: Church Marketing Sucks



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  1. What an interesting place the internet is, how the threads all weave together. Remember our production adventures for Kinyago? KDS is an oasis of hope in the midst of such need that none of us westerners can even begin to relate to. I regularly quote Rosemary (assistant head mistress?) who commented in the video, that each child has value regardless of tribe …. Kenya Children’s Fund is WELL worth supporting. Not that it has much to do with the subject at hand, but perhaps actually everything ?????


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