Death by Powerpoint

kinnon —  June 10, 2005 — 1 Comment

NopptI was visiting an organization that was begun by a friend of ours. He did a presentation on how it came together. The story was incredible. The Powerpoint presentation was enough to make a man ill. Every transition between slides was different. Things flew in and bounced in and weird wiped in – ’twas bloody awful. A great story being ruined by Powerpoint.

Creating Passionate Users has a smile inducing post on the world of PPT. Check them out.

And if you’re a Mac User, and you absolutely must do a "slide" presentation – use Keynote. It’s a lot more fun than Powerpoint.



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One response to Death by Powerpoint

  1. I don’t get it Bill, surely more toys, like keynote has, simply means more, albeit nicer, transitions and rubbish?

    As a linear engine, PowerPoint is fine, people just need to use it less “efficiently”…!


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