Does the OS really matter

kinnon —  June 17, 2005 — 1 Comment

Let me be a heretic for a moment – an OS heretic that is. (I must be running low on my supply of the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field Koolaid.) This post was prompted by the latest Gillmor Gang podcast and by Halley Suitt’s comment on Hands on Blogging at Tom Peters blog on Monday.

I love my Mac(s). Tiger is a great OS. But how much does that really matter to me, today.

My blog is hosted by Typepad – I use Firefox to access it. (And as Halley Suitt states, I’d rather create a blog post in my blog software than in Word – it just works better.) I use Word to write – which runs on just about anything (and Open Office would do me fine in the Linux world). I love my desktop Widgets – but they are Java applets which run on Mac & PC. (Sorry Steve, but I still use Konfabulator – they were a great place for you to steal ideas from, though.) As stated, Firefox is my web browser of choice. tracks my bookmarks and tags – accessible from any web browser. Sage is my RSS Aggregator. Photoshop runs on Mac &PC and Gimp works on Linux, Mac & PC.

Final Cut Pro is my video editor of choice – but Premiere Pro would work almost as well. After Effects runs on PC & Mac. As does Nuendo. (In fact, we run it on PC and that PC has Vegas Video on it, as well.)

All of this to say that, as much of what I do runs within web browsers, runs as java applets or is available (or similar) on any OS, the operating system really doesn’t matter. It becomes more about using the right hardware for a particular job (speed, ease of use, screen size, tactile nature, etc) than it does about the particular OS. My 15" Aluminum Powerbook has a great screen and keyboard (although I’m typing this on a bluetooth keyboard and have the PB on a very cool stand) and it’s fast enough for much of what I do – but the OS is really just icing. A Tablet PC would be a great addition to my arsenal, especially for web surfing and blog reading.

Which is why I ask the question, "Does the OS really matter?"

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