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kinnon —  June 26, 2005 — 3 Comments

Gnomedex_1From all reports, Gnomedex was THE un-conference to be at. I listened to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, Episode 200, this morning – recorded live yesterday at the closing Keynote Speech. It’s important stuff and you need to take the time to listen. (For those of you who might be offended, this would be one of Adam’s less profane podcasts.)

There’s a revolution taking place on the Internet – a seismic shift that too many of us are ignoring. Blogs, podcasts and vlogs driven by RSS are, in Adam Curry’s words, allowing citizens to "take back the media." We have an incredible opportunity to reach and grow an audience that is "pulling content" rather than having it pushed at them.

As Apple releases their podcasting client within iTunes, podcasting is going to explode. It has already grown to 8000 in less than a year. It will be ten times that by this time next year.

Watch for the release of CastBlaster at, a Windows software package that will make podcasting even easier. promises their own podcast creation package. And there are lots of other programs (including freeware Audacity) that make it possible to create high quality podcasts. (I’m using a combination of Audio Hijack Pro, Sonicfire Pro (for stings) and Final Cut Pro (overkill but it works!) to create my first podcast – if I can just get time to finish it whilst packing.) We live in exciting times.

UPDATE: Watch for the Gillmor Gang podcast recorded at Gnomedex that should be up in the next few days and via Scripting News, here’s a link to Dave Winer’s Keynote address and the Microsoft RSS announcement. (Audio quality is not the greatest.) Visit Terry Heaton’s Pomo blog for his Gnomedex comments. And read Dave’s comments here.
UPDATE TWO: Hear Chris Pirillo on the latest Twit Cast. Read Arieanna Foley’s highlights.

(Gnomes are from a licensed iStockPhoto. PS7 used to add to image.)



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  1. I was lucky to be able to be there live. I recorded Adam Curry’s keynote. The link to my video can be found at

    Hand held so there are a few jitters etc. But good quality sound.


  2. Thanks for including me in the update! It was an amazing event to be a part of, and not one I’m likely to forget for a while. The energy in that room was overwhelming.

  3. My pleasure.


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