Louisville Slugger or Ball??

kinnon —  June 2, 2005 — Leave a comment

BrokenyukonAs Mark Knopfler so aptly put it, "Sometimes you are the Louisville Slugger, Sometimes you are the ball."

Our oldest child, Liam, has had a week where he’s been the ball. A week ago his grandmother, my mother, gave him her pristine 1992 Mustang with less than 20,000 miles on it – only to later discover that it would cost $6,500 a year to insure him. This was in Toronto.

Saturday night Liam stayed up with his cousins before he caught his 7:30am flight back to Centre City Canada. Wiped, he slept most of the day and then headed off to youth group Sunday evening. This wonderful youth group is part of The Meeting Place, a great church in the heart of downtown CCC. In a rush, Liam forgot to hide his CD player and CDs, and also forgot to remove the faceplate on the car stereo system in the Previa. Someone obviously decided they had greater need of these things than Li and entered the vehicle via the passenger door window. They kindly left the remains of the window, however.

Today, Liam was driving our Yukon (the Previa awaits repair) home from school with his brother and another friend. Crossing a major one way street, they were plowed into by a Honda CRV whose driver was looking right, down the street, as he made the left turn onto the street Li was crossing.

Liam looks forward to his turn at being the Louisville Slugger. Enough of the ball already! To cheer he and Ry up, check out their new songs at Purevolume.



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