Movements and Money

kinnon —  June 6, 2005 — Leave a comment

Viewing one of the other trackbacks at Seth’s Blog – – led me to surf to Steve Addison’s blog and this very interesting post on Christian movements and the impact monetary success has on them.

Bureaucracy results from the desire to create a risk-free environment. Mistakes are made and the assumption is that regulation, control and inspection will ensure the appropriate outcomes. The only thing they do ensure is that those living under their power no longer take responsibility or ownership of the organization’s mission.

Dependency and paternalism are another consequence of the desire for security. They are the outcome of “the belief that it is those at the top who are responsible for the success of the organization and the well-being of its members.” The responsibility of those in power is to ensure control, consistency and predictability in the organization. Ordinary members choose dependency due to their belief that safety, self-esteem and freedom are in the hands of others. Both dependency on the part of members and paternalism on the part of leaders are required in order to create and maintain a dysfunctional bureaucracy.

Read the whole thing and then bookmark his site.

UPDATE: Add this, The task of Self Renewal and this, Why Should the Devil have All the Best Tunes? to the Addison must reads.



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