Moving On

kinnon —  June 30, 2005 — Leave a comment

I drove up Dromore last night – the street we live on here in Centre City. A pretty young lady was walking with two little kids – one of whom was in her arms. As I drove by, she kissed the little girl on the cheek. I felt a catch in my throat. That simple act of affection reminded me of the relationships we’ve forged here in this city on the edge of the Canadian prairies.

You see, the pretty young lady is my daughter. And the two kids are from next door. Two of the neighbourhood kids Kai babysits and loves dearly. And next Tuesday we will be gone.

Tonight our home was filled with teachers, friends and friends of our kids. Coming by to say goodbye. It was a good time but also a sad time. We bought this big old house to be filled with the noise of the relationships we were building here in Winnipeg. And now it will be filled with the sound of a new young family – as we return to the polyphony of Toronto.

I didn’t fall in love with Centre City – but I have certainly fallen in love with many wonderful people who do love this town – and we Kinnons will miss them.



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