People Drive A Long Way to See A Fire

kinnon —  June 6, 2005 — 2 Comments

I haven’t visited Church Marketing Sucks in a while (I love that name!!) and came across their link to this great story on Rob Bell in the Detroit Free Press. I’ve been loading Rob’s sermons on my iPod and his preaching has been a breath of fresh air. I love this quote when he’s been asked on his strategy of church growth:

"My theory of church growth is simple," said Bell, leaning across the table to deliver the coup de grace. "People drive a long way to see a fire."

People are attracted first by the smoke – and then come hoping there’s fire. Mars Hill burns white hot. Check them out here. 



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2 responses to People Drive A Long Way to See A Fire

  1. I just finished reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. He pretty much blew me away with the Nooma videos and the book did not disappoint. In fact, he clarified a lot of things that I’ve struggled with concerning Christianity and my faith in it.

    The only way I can explain Rob Bell to people is this: After I listen to or read from Rob Bell, what Jesus did and said make so much more sense.

    THAT excites me.

  2. Dustin,
    My friend Brad Bergfalk has a good review of Rob’s book here:
    link to
    It’s on my must read list. I listen to Rob’s sermons as often as I can.

    My family and I have just begun to attend The Meeting House in Toronto – an interesting group of churchs who meet predominantly in cinemas. Check them out at and check out the sermons here:
    link to
    They are Emergentesque.


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