Who Do I Sue?

kinnon —  June 9, 2005 — Leave a comment

A little over a year ago, we were contemplating the move to Centre City Canada. One of the promises made to us was that this city has the most sun days of any place in the Great White North. Twould appear that that was not actually accurate. (According to Environment Canada, this city is actually number 12 on the list!) And the accompanying pic is typical of what we’ve been experiencing. (Actually, it’s probably better than what we’ve been experiencing.) Winnipegweather
When you consider we hit lows of -40 this winter (the same in degrees C or F), the weather is one of the least attractive features of CCC. But we haven’t hit full mosquito season yet – and we won’t as we are out of here within thirty days!
For those of you alive in 1967 join with me in singing
    Gimme a place to stand
    And a place to Grow
    And call that land – Ontario

UPDATE: I think Terry’s just being cruel.



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