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kinnon —  June 22, 2005 — Leave a comment

Steve Rubel linked to Working Smart’s post, Five Rules for Better Power Point Presentations. My temptation when I saw the title was to respond, Rule #1 – Don’t Use It At All! (See my recent post here.) Instead, I read the post.

I sometimes think the presenter would be more compelling if he would ditch the PowerPoint and just speak. Because of this, I’ve even thought of outlawing PowerPoint in our company. But alas, PowerPoint has become a staple of corporate life. It is the ubiquitous prop that attends every presentation.

So if we can’t outlaw it, at least we can regulate it and, hopefully, try to improve it.

Reading Michael Hyatt’s post will improve how you use PPT – if you must. And he echos my Keynote recommendation for those of us in the Mac world.

One of the things I love about the blogosphere is the way I’m introduced to interesting other voices. I’ve added both of Michael Hyatt’s blogs to my must read lists (in Sage and BlogBridge). He may not post as often, but what he does post is well worth reading.



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