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kinnon —  July 12, 2005 — Leave a comment

157322299201_scthumbzzz_Imbi’s just finished Anne Lamott’s "Plan B" and gives it "two thumbs up". I’ve read the first chapter and am again impressed by her writing gift. If you believe that Christians only come in one flavour, that being Republican, then this book will definitely offend you. Read it anyway. You probably need to be offended – in a good way, of course!

UPDATE: I’ve finished Plan B as well. It’s a good book with moments that brought tears to my eyes. Lamott IS a very good writer. And although I may struggle with a number of her political and personal positions, I value her as my sister-in-Christ and look forward to her next book. Read this along with Donald Miller’s, Blue Like Jazz (in the book list on the right). A little stretching is good for us all – just don’t complain about the stretch marks afterwards, ok!



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