Beyond Reason – The Garage Band in my Cottage

kinnon —  July 18, 2005 — Leave a comment

Reason88esLiam and Rylan, the musical brothers and my two favourite sons*, are up at the cottage without Nuendo this year. (Although it may appear in August.) That hasn’t stopped them from composing, however. Rylan created a track in Reason (2.5) today using the M-Audio Keystation 88ES and one of our Mac laptops. He laid down drums and keys and then began working with Liam on guitar parts and vocals.

Reason doesn’t record audio, and the boys wanted to lay down guide vocals and guitar. Garage Band came to the rescue. Using Propellerheads Rewire technology, Garage Band is able to control & playback the Reason file while allowing the boys to record vocals and guitar in GB. What’s scary is how good the track sounds just using the built-in mic on the laptop. (I can remember being blown away by bouncing tracks back and forth on an old Philips stereo tape recorder when I was there age – but now I’m sounding like an old fogie.) Their new song won’t be up on Purevolume until they do the real demo version in Nuendo. And that won’t be until Rylan is back from California in mid-August. I’ll keep you posted.

*I only have two sons and one favourite daughter as well – who’s off to France tomorrow evening. Liam is stuck with his parents for the next few weeks.



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