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kinnon —  July 20, 2005 — Leave a comment

The last three posts on Church Leadership Myths are in no way meant to be definitive. There are many leadership styles other than the Coach and the CEO. My position has been to point at the only officially recognized leadership style by the one leader who counts, your senior pastor Jesus – that being the Servant Leader.

Servant leaders are in short supply. And I certainly don’t hold myself up as an example of one. I’m as guilty as any number of my brothers and sisters who have desired authority and position – whether in business, church or even my own home. I’m humbled by the men and women who have laid down their lives in servant leadership. I can only hope to emulate them as I leave the first half century of my life and enter however many years I have left.

This series of posts was provoked by a conversation I had early this past weekend with my brother-in-law, Jaan. He has challenged many of my assumptions over the years – provoking me to question my own motives and values. Families are a gift from God – even though sometimes we’d like to be able to take the gift back and exchange it for something else – perhaps a nice new car. Attempted humour aside, I’m fortunate to be related to a number of people much smarter than myself who are unafraid to challenge me. ‘Tis a good thing!



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