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kinnon —  July 23, 2005 — Leave a comment

Treoand710After having been Blackberry users in Centre City Canada, I had the endorphin producing pleasure of purchasing two new communication devices for Imbi and myself – last night. Imbi is now the proud owner of a Treo 650 and I’m using the Sony Ericsson S710A. The Bluetooth iSync ability between my Mac and the 710 is a thing of beauty. And the screen on the 710 is simply gorgeous.

Imbi’s Treo is a work of art. I’ve been a fan of the creative minds of Jeff Hawkins, Donna Dubinsky et al (the original Palm founders who went on to start Handspring and then merged with Palm) for many years – after purchasing a 2nd Generation Palm Pilot years ago (and then owning multiple Palm devices since – three Palms, two Handsprings and then a Zire 71 that Rylan now uses). I’ve even traveled the 3rd world with just a Palm device.

Imbi plans to use the Treo as her primary communications device. Relegating her laptop to less active duty. I’ll report on how she feels in later posts.



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