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kinnon —  July 20, 2005 — Leave a comment

Brad Bergfalk is a friend of ours who our kids introduced to us in Kenya three summers ago. Brad, like us, was doing a short term teaching session at Daystar University – and the boys met him at the Athi River campus – while we were teaching in Nairobi. We discovered many shared interests and mutual friends – becoming good friends in the process.

Brad is a thinker with a great sense of humour – and he also happens to be a Pastor in Upstate New York. (Smart man that he is, he married a beautiful Canadian, Roxie, and they have a wonderful family.) His blog is called Naked Religion and my advice would be to read it – I know I am. I’ve also added it to my blog roll on the right.

Brad did some of his post-graduate work with Leonard Sweet – and for you trivia buffs, he appears in the acknowledgements for Soul Tsunami – a book Imbi & I consider almost as important as the Cluetrain Manifesto in helping us become "Sons of Issachar." (Look up the reference yourselves.)



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