Need for Speed

kinnon —  July 17, 2005 — Leave a comment

It’s amazing how quickly we’ve become addicted to high-speed internet access. It doesn’t seem that long ago (in internet time, it is a LONG time ago) that I was excited moving from a 9800 baud modem to a 14.4k baud modem. 28.8 was a huge increase – and the promise of 58K, amazing.

DialupToday I’m addicted to a minimum 512K DSL line – but I’m at our summer place. On an island. With a very old POTS (plain old telephone service) that gives me a maximum dialup speed of about 24k – really slow.

I’m about to set up a cable modem in our place in the city. And I’ll be zipping down to use it every few days. (We are only an hour north of Toronto – and then a ten minute boat ride to our cottage.) This blog will return to it’s regular pace with comments on leadership, many-to-many social software, media technology and more.

I’ve been promising my first podcast for the last two months – and a book excerpt as well. Expect those in early August (if not sooner for the podcast.)



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