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kinnon —  July 26, 2005 — 1 Comment

I’ve oft times pointed at Ed Brenegar’s blogs. With my slow speed cottage internet access, I haven’t been doing as much surfing as I might like – or I would have pointed you at this post earlier. Read his post on Starbucks Talking Walls and emotional connection.

The personal maturity required to be open, honest, caring, and outwardly focused doesn’t come overnight, or without practice.  It requires inner confidence, peace of mind and the ability to put aside one’s own fears, inhibitions and, yes, cynicism.  It requires a service mentality, or, more, a servant mindset, that exhibits itself in caring for the other person first, then one’s self second.

And if you haven’t read Ed before, then you might want to surf the rest of this and his Polis blog.



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  1. Bill,
    You are too kind. I appreciate your comments. What I say stands out because it is honest. There is nothing to sell here. It is truth that we all know, but don’t want to face up to it.
    Thanks again.


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