The Perils of the Summer Place

kinnon —  July 24, 2005 — Leave a comment

I’m back in the land of dialup. On an island. I got back with Imbi around 10:30pm last night. We’d been hanging out at her Mom’s cottage with our son, Liam and a number of Imbi’s nieces and nephews. Her brother Jaan and his wife, Barb were also there. Barb is a magician. I special kind of magician. She heals people. (Some of you are now very fightened and have probably begun to speak in other tongues. Relax.)

Barb is a physiotherapist. (A physical therapist for you Yanks.) Last Saturday I took a tumble here on Fantasy Island. I twisted my right leg in a pretzel-like fashion in the fall. The pain actually made me cry. (Very briefly, of course. I am a six foot two inch man, after all.) I kept meaning to get voted off the island this past week – and get down to my chiropractor in the city. When I finally called on Thursday, I found he was off on a two week vacation the next day. And I still hurt.

As mentioned elsewhere, I was in the city yesterday. Doing lunch and getting high speed set up at our Toronto address. In pain, I called my sister-in-law – hoping she’d be able to see me. There was no answer.

When I called Imbi to tell her I was heading back up, she told me that Jaan and Barb were at her Mother’s cottage just down the lake from us. And they would love to see us. Not half us much as I wanted to see them.

Chiropractic and PT are very different. And I’ve been a chiropractic patient for almost 30 years. But Barb has "fixed me up" numerous times in the last few years and I’m incredibly impressed with her skill and her strength.

Suffice to say that after some funny movements on the cottage floor yesterday – I’m feeling much better. I’ll probably pop by their place this week to get a further tune up. And then return to the perils of the summer place.



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