The Podcasts I Listen To

kinnon —  July 2, 2005 — 1 Comment

PodcastgnomeOne of my closest friends on the planet has asked me to list the Podcasts I listen to. Here they are:

  • Gillmor Gang – Steve Gillmor, Doc Searles et al – IT tech and it’s impact on us
  • TWiT – This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte – more IT
  • The Wizards of Tech – I’m seeing a pattern here
  • Tim Bednar – from
  • Daily Source Code – from the Podfather, Adam Curry – thank goodness for fast forward – a little too profane
  • Chris Pirillo – the Lockergnome – IT thoughts from the Pacific Northwest



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  1. Hey, thanks for listening. I appreciate it a lot.


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