Too Much Choice

kinnon —  July 28, 2005 — Leave a comment

Somedays, really, all I want is a simple cup of java – no designer names, no exotic roots – just give me a large cup of coffee please! Hot. With extra caffeine.

Choices. We live in a world of choices. Perhaps, too many choices. A theme espoused by Barry Schwartz at this year’s TED.

Choice is good, he said, but in modern, affluent societies most people are confronted with a bewildering array of choices that leads to paralysis.

He said that his students sometimes become stuck in low-wage jobs because they fear making the wrong choice of career.

Some professors at liberal arts colleges now joke that they "take students who would have been stuck working at McDonalds and makes them people who are stuck working at Starbucks".

At Starbucks! Where there are too many choices of coffee. At least for me. This morning that is.

Thanks to our friend, Susan, in gorgeous Guildford, for the link.




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